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Pastor Cliff Teaches weekly the Seven Areas of Life Training series. If you are catching this series at home or just want to go back and catch some details you missed the first time, these videos and resources are here to help you.

1. Spiritual

The Spiritual session deals with your relationship with God. Chapter titles include: I Am Not God, I Am in Christ, I Am Not My Flesh, and I Am Accepted. You will be challenged to get real with God and start enjoying a dynamic relationship with your Creator

2. Psychological

The Psychological session deals with your mind, will, and emotions. This book will change the way you think about yourself, the choices you make, and how you feel. Chapter titles include: Who to Know, Where to Focus, What to Believe, and How to Decide. Get real with yourself and start enjoying life as God designed it for you.

3. Social

The Social session deals with your relationship with others. Is it possible to truly enjoy relationships with others? How do you deal with rejection, hurts, and the trials of life? Learn how to deal with impossible people. Chapter titles include: Rejection, Judging Others, Forgiveness, and Loving Others. Get real with others and start enjoying dynamic relationships that once seemed impossible.

4. Physical

The Physical session deals with the care of your body. Discover God’s plan for your body. Are you making unhealthy choices? Learn how to change. Chapter titles include: Your Earthly Tent, God’s Plan for Your Body, Body and Soul, and Physical U-Turn. Get real in this area and live like your body belongs to God.

5. Financial

The Financial session deals with the management of your money. Do you experience financial freedom? Do you have a biblical financial plan? Do you think that life would be great if you just had more money? Learn what the Bible has to say about finances. Chapter titles include: Financial Freedom, Give Generously, Spend Wisely, and Invest Carefully. There are forms and guidance given on how to create a budget and get out of debt. Get real with your finances and start enjoying financial freedom. 

6. Parenting

The Parental session deals with your relationship with your children. What kind of parent are you? How do you want your children to turn out? Learn what helps and hinders their growth. Chapter titles include: Parenting Styles, Acceptance First, Accountability Second, and Reaching Fulfilled Adulthood. Get real in the parental area of life and start enjoying your children as God intended. 

7. Marital

The Marital session deals with your relationship with your spouse. Two becoming one is more than just sex. Learn how to share intimacy in spirit, soul, and body. Chapter titles include: Two Becoming One, Psychological Intimacy, Spiritual Intimacy, and Restoring Intimacy. Get real in your marriage and start enjoying an intimate relationship with your spouse. 


What in the World is a Nazarene? 

Pastor Cliff spends three sessions talking about various aspects of the Church of the Nazarene allowing those with questions to be  become acquainted with the history of our church the global mission and the local ministries in a way that allows the student to be fully informed before making a decision to become a member of the Church of the Nazarene. You can watch the classes by clicking the links below.